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International Cambodia NGO is non-government organization that was established in purpose to provide the education to Cambodia people even monk, old and young person.  Especially, we really focus on Cambodia young people to develop them to be self-confidence, independent, and responsible on their future. 

The main aim to start this organization to offer the education to people who can not to afford for school but they can study happily here or someone who busy with their job or other school. Because of the school seem like the part time school that student can chose the time with the language they want to study. 

The most Cambodia people are interested in foreign languages so the school had divided a lot of class that total of the room is 10 and about around 60class that including Japanese, English, Korean, and Chinese class.

For English class start from beginner to upper level class. and Japanese class study with みんなの日本語 I,  みんなの日本語II),  and 会話(にほんごの90日1,2,3)book and so on. In these classes sometimes has Japanese volunteer join with us also. 

 Therefore, the school is not just a school but also acceptance of volunteer is the project of our organization.